Refrigerator Air Sanitizers

Keeps food smelling and tasting fresh!



Biozone Home Refrigerator and Commercial Refrigerators and Walk-in Air Purifiers & Air Sanitizers

Biozone Purifiers use the scientifically advanced, proprietary, PureWave process that removes contaminants from air and surfaces through the use of its powerful photoplasma method.

Biozone’s Food Service units are ideal for use in refrigerated storage where they destroy food borne pathogens as well as spoilage organisms to provide extended shelf-life for meat, poultry, fish, and produce, and prevent odor transference between foods.

Biozone Food Service units are compact, powerful units that can significantly reduce food borne pathogens and spoilage organisms in refrigerated environments in your home or in a commercial use environment.

Safer and Healthier food with extended shelf-life and less Bacteria.


  • Purifying Method – Photoplasma
  • Housing Material – ABS
  • Electric -12VDC
  • Dimensions – 100FS 6″x4″x2″; 200FS 6″x8″x2″; 300FS/400FS 9″x11″x2″

WARRANTY: Full 3 year warranty

MODELS: 100FS, 200FS, 300FS, 400FS

APPLICATIONS: Wherever food is stored or prepared. Home Refrigerators or Restaurant Reach-in, Coolers, Walk-in Coolers.