Israel Air Purifiers AirCare20


Powerful unit for home or office

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For Large size room
Area Coverage (sg. ft): 500 (AC10) / 1000 (AC20)

These powerful UV ozone generator units sanitize and decontaminate air and surfaces by destroying offensive odors, mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, smoke, and chemical gases. Extremely effective where contamination or lingering odor problems exist, They feature advanced electronics with high-intensity ultraviolet light, potent hydroxyls, and photo plasma. Biozone home, office, car, travel, and ATC models are designed for everyday use in occupied spaces. As an example, a mold problem area could be treated with a PowerZone initially and re-treated occasionally if needed. In addition, it is best to run Biozone home air purifiers continuously as an ongoing preventive measure to keep reducing mold year round.

  • PowerZones are extremely effective where contamination or lingering odor problems exist.
  • Ozone can penetrate fabrics and other porous materials to eliminate all odors.
  • Ideal for cleaning, remodeling, and restoration work.
  • Great to remove or eliminate smoke odor and for removal of urine, body, food, pet, mildew, mold, diaper, sewage, formaldehyde, or flood odors.
  • Eliminate odors from fresh paint, new carpets, carpet glue, adhesives and other chemical products.
  • Quickly freshen hotel rooms, deodorize meeting rooms, or convert rooms from smoking to non-smoking.
  • Totally deodorize cars, trucks, vans, and RVs or convert them from smoking to non-smoking in a matter of hours or overnight.
  • Designed primarily for professional and commercial use. Can also be used by homeowners to treat homes with odor, mold, etc. problems (use while space is unoccupied).
  • Used by car and RV dealers, carpet installers, painters, remodelers, hotels, etc.
  • Larger PowerZone models, when correctly applied, effectively kill existing mold growth as an alternative or in addition to traditional mold remediation or removal practices.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Lightweight and portable with detachable power cord.
  • Powerful fans for enhanced dispersement.