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Maintenance and Lamp Replacement

Routine Maintenance

There is little maintenance required for the IceZone unit.  If the unit is operated in a smoky or dusty area, we suggest you open the unit as describe under Lamp Replacement and clean the UV lamp periodically with a soft cloth and alcohol (make sure the unit is unplugged before opening the unit).  Failure to clean the lamp will affect the purifying ability of the lamp.

UV Lamp Replacement

Important: Use ONLY new BioZone Scientific Lamp – use of other lamp will void warranty.

After approximately (1) year of continuous use (2 – 3 years of intermittent use), the UV lamp will lose its power and will need to be replaced (even though the lamp is not burned out and still glows).  To replace the lamp:

  • Unplug the 12Vdc adapter power plug from the unit.
  • Disconnect the supply hose from the unit or from the fitting on the ice machine.
  • Remove the (2) screws securing the unit to the mounting bracket.  The screws are located on each end in the bottom corner to the rear of the unit.  There is (1) screw on each end of the unit.
  • Remove the unit from the mounting bracket by pulling the unit straight up.
  • Remove the (6) screws on the end plate with the Fan and Power Plug ONLY.  Do Not remove the screws and end plate on the opposite end with the hose barb.
  • Gently remove the end plate by pulling outward being careful not to damage the wires.  Next grasp the aluminum plate inside the unit and pull outward until the lamp is accessible.  Be careful not to damage the ground wire underneath the plate.
  • Gently lift the lamp from the clips and disconnect the white electrical socket by grasping the socket and pulling straight off.  Do Not pull on the wires connected to the socket.
  • Insert the white lamp electrical socket back onto the new lamp and place the lamp back into the clips.
  • Insert the aluminum mounting plate back into the slots that it was removed from and slide back into the unit.  Proper location is toward the back of the unit above the black ground wire connected to the housing.
  • Position the end plate back on the tube housing and replace the (6) screws.  When replacing the end plate be sure to note that the wires are not pushed into the fan or crimped between the plate and housing.
  • Place unit back in mounting bracket and install the (2) securing screws, (1) on each end.
  • Reconnect the supply hose and 12Vdc power adaptor.
  • Check the hose barb fitting on the end of the unit for a blue glow.